Pandemic Game Night

Upon noticing the utter lack of multiplayer web-based trivia games, three friends and I decided to build one ourselves. We all brought unique skills into the project, some having considerable experience with front-end development, while others were more proficient with back-end and databases.

To start things off, the first thing I did was to make an SRS for Quizzically. After, I delved into implementing socketIO with Flask to implement the core, continuous communication between the client and the server needed to facilitate seamless peer-to-peer communication. I helped create the database using SQLite, and I even got my hands dirty on the front end, using Bootstrap and React. We aim to incorporate user authentication for user accounts with OAuth, and display hefty statistics at the end of each round. But it is still under development, as version 1 of our site is not yet live.

html5 bootstrap template by

We aim to have a live version of Quizzically with base functionality live and playable on the web by the end of June, if not sooner. And then we can finally determine who is the most knowledgeable about obscure facts! (It's me)

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